From the physical point of view, the drying process simply uses the ability of warm air to take up water and transport it.  However, this process becomes more difficult if the many variable factors
have to be considered that define the water quantity of particular grains: When producing efficient drying plants the following features have to be considered with the speed
of the airstream like the status of maturity, structure of grain, the balance humidity, condition of the dry air, speed of evapuration.
Since more than 37 years RIELA deals with drying of grain, maize, rape seed, sunflowers and similar products and is today one of the leading manufacturers of efficient drying plant

Spezial Trocker

Spezial Dryer

Drying with biomas

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Mobile Dryer

The mobile RIELA® Circulation Dryer is the ideal grain dryer for quick and uncomplicated use in flat stores as well as in indoor and outdoor silos. This dryer is available in different versions.

Spezial Trocker

Stationary Dryer

Stationary Continuous and Re-circulating dryers galvanized or made of aluminium Hours output up to 120 t/h in grain with a humidity extraction of 4% or up to 18 t/h in maize with a humidity extraction of 20%.

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Belt Dryer

The RIELA® Belt Dryer is designed for drying biomass as well as industrial products. The Belt Dryer can be used as a single Belt Dryer or as a compact Multi-Belt Dryer.

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Feed and Turn Dryer

Feed and Turn Dryer for industry and agriculture, in galvanized design – working widths: 1 m, 2 m, 3 m

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Warm Air Heaters

The RIELA® Dryers develop the highest performance with minimal energy consumption at the same time with the Warm Air Generators shown.

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The radial blowers manufactured by RIELA® are characterized by their standard galvanized design with directly coupled electric motors with the latest efficiency classes.