RIELA® Belt Dryer

The RIELA® Belt Dryer is designed for drying biomass as well as industrial products.
The Belt Dryer can be used as a single Belt Dryer or as a compact Multi-Belt Dryer.

Advantages of the RIELA® Belt Dryer:

  • suction mode, i.e. air flows from top to bottom through the heating register, through the product bed and through the belt and is sucked off by the exhaust fan
  • use of a special belt with a filter effect, so that the exhaust air is less dusty
  • with automatic belt control for safe operation
  • especially suitable for the use of low-temperature heat, e.g. hot water in the temperature range of 70 to 90 ° C from combined heat and power plants in biogas plants, pressurized water
  • up to 130 ° C, exhaust steam from steam turbines with low pressure or exhaust gas from a combustion system for energy transfer via a hot water system connected to the circuit, etc.
  • high drying performance per m² of belt surface thanks to the high air speed in the through-flow process
  • mobile version with 18 m² drying area on 13.6 m – trailer or stationary up to around 160 m²
  • product dosing for fine-grained products with a height-adjustable double dosing screw or via a swiveling feed belt and a height-adjustable spiked roller
  • with automatic belt control to avoid the belt running sideways
  • with rubberized drive roller to ensure a slip-free drive
  • optional with triple belt cleaning dry / wet

Drying products: