RIELA® in Nigeria

RIELA Opens Africa’s first Post Harvest Technologies facility in Nigeria

Riela Africa GmbH, a leading German post Harvest Technology provider, have jointly opened a facility in 2019 to provide solutions to the recurring problem of grains losses experienced by Farmers.

Riela Africa GmbH, showcase range of Shellers, cleaners, dryers and processing solutions for grains. The combination of these technologies, are helping to substantially cut grains harvest losses by about 37 percent.


The grains Shellers are outstanding for the integrity and viability of grains that pass through them. Different cleaning solutions- Wind Sifter, Drum Screen and bigger options, all ensure that grains get properly cleaned from all dust, cobs and other impurities. Grains are not complete without removal of the excess moisture content. Our bouquet of dryers are especially customized for the African environment; more affordable GTR 350 -750, mobile drying solutions can be deployed from farm to another quite easily trucking them to tractors. The fixed dryers come in different shapes and sizes depending on the customers needs. Moisture content can be reduced from 40 percent to 15 percent, suitable for storage.

We are a leading manufacturer of European grade galvanized steel Silo storage with presence in many countries. Riela builds Silo from 5 tons to 40,000 tons in one bin. Processing of grains is on the menu; smaller RIELA® Mahlfix Hammer Mills and also bigger feed Mills are available for sale in the facility in Nigeria.

To deepen it’s presence in Nigeria, RIEAL, has opened a full scale Tutoring, Training and Demonstration Center to cater for the needs of farmers, customers and government officials. The facility at the moment, remains the only one demonstrating shelling, cleaning, drying, storage and processing of all grains attached to 4 storage Silos with a capacity of 500 tons each, and equipped with a feed mill at the Technicom.


Customers, now have the benefit of a quick and reliable attention through a fully equipped service vehicle.

Traffic to the facility since commissioning by RIELA®, has grown tremendously signalling the crucial gaps that Post Harvest Technologies can plug.


The CEO of RIELA® Africa GmbH Karl Heinz Knoop, at the commissioning of the facility, informed the gathering that with the adoption of RIELA® Africa, the country will witness a surge in productivity, a new era of more assured and sustainable grains production.

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