RIELA® Warm Air Heaters

The RIELA® Dryers develop the highest performance with minimal energy consumption at the same time with the Warm Air Generators shown.

The Warm Air Heaters are manufactured in direct, indirect or switchable versions. All warm Air Generators can be operated with a tried and tested branded oil or Gas Blower Burner. In particular, the space-saving gas surface burners with high output offer many advantages for the operator.

The use of Biomass Burners as well as Biogas Burners is also possible.

Only high-quality materials such as highly heat-resistant stainless steels are used in the in-house production of the warm air generators. This ensures a long service life. Depending on the drying product, required drying temperatures and the desired operating mode, the burners can be operated in one, two or three stages as well as modulating.

Coordinated warm Air Generators, Blowers and Dryers ensure a gentle and efficient drying result with optimal energy utilization. This has already been documented by two DLG logo tests that have been carried out.