Social Commitment

The social commitment of the company RIELA®

What good does Karl-Heinz Knoop and his family do for the people?

It’s very hard for someone, yourself and his To judge “good sides”.

That’s why I have this difficult topic as a longtime friend and board member of »Private aid organization Humanitas International« accepted.

Through the many visits that Karl-Heinz Knoop made abroad, he was left with the situation of the people living there not hidden.
These not only needed our grain technology, but also an improvement of their standard of living.

Certainly Karl-Heinz Knoop could not be all in poverty but he decided to make the most of the opportunities available to him.

So he helped in Poland with the delivery of an ambulance, Truckloads of mattresses for hospitals, food, clothing, medical equipment, wheelchairs and many useful things.

These relief efforts then took place in Romania, Ukraine,
in Russia and Kazakhstan. These countries have received a total of six ambulances over the last few years.

The vehicles bought by the German organizations were overhauled and equipped with medical equipment, which in some cases even allowed emergency operations.

In Rostov-on-Don, southern Russia, became the Children’s Hospital Number 4 overhauled by Karl-Heinz Knoops Initiative. In other words, all the rooms had air conditioners and also refrigerators, curtains and also a new car for the procurement of necessary food (common in Russia). Also beds, wheelchairs, washing machines and clinic inventory up were donated to medicine. And a lot of money.

Russian doctors received at the expense of family Knoop in Germany additional training as a specialist.
Lectures at the university in Rostov-on-Don about changes in the German business language were also charged to Karl-Heinz Knoop. In the course of time, so many precious things were purchased that an aid organization

»Humanitas Ost-West e. V., which later became the »Private Aid Organization Humanitas International e. V. “passed over.
This step was necessary because the visits of Karl-Heinz Knoop, Company RIELA, not limited to the East, but shifted to the South and the West.

It was also possible to issue donation receipts that did not concern only the East.
But the focus of donations and donations was down Almost 100% of the Knoop family.

Die Hungersnot in Nordkorea veranlasste Karl-Heinz Knoop mithilfe von

The famine in North Korea prompted Karl-Heinz Knoop with the help of food and medicines to help with great commitment. 120 tons, four 40-foot containers, were sent.
This was preceded by the delivery of a grain silo of the company RIELA®.

Social Commitment

Parallel to these donations came the regular amounts of money for the »Kinderkrebshilfe Münster« and for the hospice »Haus Hannah« in Emsdetten.

For several years, Karl-Heinz Knoop has traveled the countries of Africa and built up new bases for his company RIELA®. Among others, they were Nigeria, Tanzania, Guinea and Uganda.

These countries not only supplied RIELA® with grain processing and storage products, but RIELA® also made significant donations that facilitated the heavy work of the rural population. These donations consisted of silos, conveyor belts and mixing plants.

The training of young farmers was not forgotten.
Training centers were introduced, which should prove themselves after a short time. In support of the rural population received on a medical rescue station working for a farm.

This significantly improved the medical care of employees.
Tractors, cultivators and plows were bought, which are intended for Africa after a thorough overhaul. Care has been taken to ensure that they are agricultural machinery that does not have modern electronics and can be repaired on-site if necessary. This list of “good deeds” by the company RIELA®, Karl-Heinz Knoop and family could be extended by a few pages. These remarks should provide only a glimpse into the humanitarian aid provided by RIELA® and its owners. These are things that an outsider does not see and suspect. A medium-sized company from Riesenbeck, a small village in the big, wide world.

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