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RIELA® Conveying Technology

From Bucket Elevators, Trough Chain Conveyors, Belt Conveyors to Trough and Auger Conveyors, at RIELA® you will find the right combination of acceptance, cleaning, drying and storage for your operation.
The function of a grain plant stands and falls with the conveyor technology and each investor should therefore very carefully check criteria such as quality, function, stability, safety and service and ultimately trust a partner who has proven his efficiency for over 35 years at home and abroad

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Bucket Elevators

ensure the gentle transport of grain or similar bulk goods, with minimum wear and minimal energy input. RIELA bucket elevators meet all the requirements of a modern and economical conveyor system.

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Trough Chain Conveyor

RIELA® trough chain conveyors are excellent solutions for the horizontal and slightly rising transport of floury and free-flowing bulk goods such as grain or similar products.

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Mobile Conveyor Belts

The longevity of the conveyor belts is mainly characterized by the use of stainless steel strip racks and a supporting roller bearing made of stainless steel. The compact design of the drives is realized by space-saving drum motors with rubber lining.

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Stationary Conveying Belts

Years of use of the conveyor belts in the areas of the processing and recycling industry, residual waste utilization, composting and in the glass, wood, paper, brick, gravel and sand processing industry distinguish us as a competent manufacturer.

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Trough Augers

RIELA® trough augers are versatile, horizontal or slightly rising, ideal for a dust-free and gentle transport.
The housing of the trough augers consists of a trough with lid, which can be opened in case of cleaning.

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Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyors are an economical solution since they are manufactured according to the conveying capacities and conveying distances according to the respective requirement.