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Post-harvest technology for grain and maize

As a continuously and in controlled development family business RIELA® has stood for innovative and economic grain and compound feed technology since 1972.

RIELA® deals with the development of plants for grain processing and is today one of the major suppliers of complete after-harvest-technology plants. Cleaning, drying, storage of assorted grain, maize, rice, oil fruits and legumes. The corresponding conveying technology and the production of compound feed are the focus of RIELA® post-harvest technology.

On a more than 30,000 m² facility in Riesenbeck, development, laser cutting, bending and assembling is carried out. In order to comply with the internationally acclaimed term of quality “Made in Germany”, a state-of-the-art 3-D CAD design and production technology is used. Automated laser and bending technology ensure the highest standard and precision down to the last detail.

The design principle is strictly based on modular systems. As a result, wage-intensive final assembly is shifted to the purchasing countries. As a result, transport costs can be halved. Several hundred employees in Germany, Poland, the Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria and Ivory Coast work daily to implement customer requirements, because every plant is different. You receive everything from us from a single source: at various locations we develop, design, produce, assemble and pre-assemble. Thanks to a wide range of production and large storage capacities, we can react to all requirements at short notice.

Beside Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Baltic countries as well as Russia in particular African Countries have developed into strong sales markets. The export share Central and Eastern European markets is now at 90%. With the objective notion of the good “Food Security” – RIELA® opens up new markets in Africa. The company has constructed the first silo plants in Tanzania, Nigeria and Uganda.

Through trade fair appearances and mutual business visits a mutual interest in the modernization of post-harvest technology for Africa was created.

Accompanied with intensive training of the local people and the use of modern technology adapted to African standards, food security and the resulting increase in food availability is continuously improved.

Due to the finite nature of fossil fuels, the importance of biomass as an energy source is constantly increasing. By using the RIELA® Feed-and-Turn-Dryer and belt dryers, CO2-neutral energy sources, e.g. wood chips, sawdust and other residual wood, become even more attractive. Waste products from sewage treatment and biogas plants can be used faster due to economical drying. The disposal of leaves and cattle manure causes high costs without bringing profit.

Methods for the processing of leaves and animal manure into energy-efficient fuels were developed by RIELA® engineers and can already be used today. By simple and quick conversion, the RIELA® pusher-type reversing dryers and RIELA® belt dryers can be individually adapted to the most different products. When using free waste heat, e.g. from biogas plants and CHP’s (combined heat and power unit), the RIELA® dryers can be used all year round.

All activities are oriented towards the wishes and interests of the customers. The planning of the drying and storage facilities is done together with the investor on site and together complete solutions from one source are efficiently developed and successfully executed. On-site commissioning and training are a matter of course. Besides individual consulting and planning, the continuous development of all RIELA® products remains in the foreground.

RIELA® has set itself the goal to offer its customers energy-efficient products and also to meet the demand for energy-efficient and sustainable production. Among other things, our company buildings 2014 were awarded the “Green Building Award” and “Winner of the Year 2014” by the EU.



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