RIELA® Trough chain conveyor

RIELA trough chain conveyors are excellent solutions for the horizontal and slightly rising transport of floury and free-flowing bulk goods such as grain or similar products.

The RIELA trough chain conveyors can be used as acceptor, for silo filling, for silo removal and in many places in a grain plant. Due to the standardized modular system with a comprehensive range of accessories, all systems can be adapted to individual customer requirements regarding product characteristics, process characteristics and installation options.

A well thought-out and robust construction with high quality forged chains and optimized drives guarantees a high life expectancy with low wear. For maintenance and service work, all important machine parts are easily accessible and screwed. This allows maintenance to be carried out in the shortest possible time.

Measured in terms of conveying capacities from 10 t / h to 500 t / h, little drive power is required for RIELA trough chain conveyors.

RIELA trough chain conveyors transport in a gentle and environmentally friendly manner.