RIELA® Bucket Elevators

RIELA® Bucket Elevators ensure the gentle transport of grain or similar bulk goods, with minimum wear and minimal energy input. RIELA® Bucket Elevators meet all the requirements of a modern and economical conveyor system.

In particular, the well thought-out construction and the robust design of the bucket elevators enable quiet running with low noise and the greatest possible maintenance-free. The stable edge design of the octagonal shafts allows a detached installation without complex tower or support structures. Additional concrete work is not required.

Due to the standardized modular system with a comprehensive range of accessories, all systems can be adapted to individual customer requirements regarding product characteristics, process characteristics and installation options.

They are particularly suitable for unmixed continuous use, both indoors and outdoors. RIELA® Bucket Elevators achieve capacities of 10 t/h to 500 t/h and deliver your bulk goods quickly, economically and reliably.