RIELA® Stationary conveying belts

Stationary RIELA conveyor belts ensure the most gentle transport of grain or similar bulk material, and this with minimum wear and minimal energy input. Further advantages of the RIELA conveyor belts are the low noise emission, a largely maintenance-free and compact design. The longevity of the conveyor belts is characterized by the use of high quality materials. The compact design of the drives is realized by space-saving drum motors with rubber lining. Larger conveyor belt systems use high-performance slip-on motors tuned to the project.

Years of use of the conveyor belts in the areas of the processing and recycling industry, residual waste utilization, composting and in the glass, wood, paper, brick, gravel and sand processing industry distinguish us as a competent manufacturer.

Special expertise distinguishes the proven and widely implemented ABC three-band system in storage halls. These systems can be operated fully automated.

Conveyor belts are particularly suitable for gentle and unmixed transport.

RIELA conveyor belts achieve capacities of up to 1000 t / h.