Round Silos

Round Silos are expandable

Orientation for your Project Plan:
RIELA® manufactures silos of various sizes, from 3 to 40.000 tons

  • for the storage of grain, maize and oil crops
  • made of sheet metal, steel quality S350 GD – zinc layer 450 g / m²
  • Roof plates with Solano coating (color green) Solano is a different coating of the galvanized sheets and Nord one special protection for UV rays as well as its own corrosion protection for a slow shelf life
  • Silo funnel 40 ° or 60 °
  • Outlet opening 200 mm, including gate valve and clamping ring
  • the desired trays protect the contents against overheating due to the refraction of the sun’s rays

Round Silos

RIELA® Steel Round Silos offer low-cost storage space from 10 m³ to 20,000 m³. The combination of several individual silos results in virtually unlimited storage space. All silos are statically tested. Whether corrugated or smooth wall silos: with round silos from RIELA® you get the best possible safety for your harvest – with a long service life.


Silo systems for
agriculture and industrie:

Thanks to temperature measurement systems, agricultural products can be stored without any loss of quality. RIELA® silo systems are made of galvanized sheet steel and are supplied with patented silo roofs.