Grain Mixer

RIELA grain mixer

High quality demands on our food require that good grain and components be used for unloaded feed.
The own grinding and mixing plant with an individual recipe ensures good and unloaded compound feed.An adapted for the operation feed mixing plant requires a needs-based storage of grain and components. RIELA designs compound feed systems for every farm.Whoever implements this produces food that the end user wishes.RIELA mixers are available in horizontal and vertical versions and are suitable for particularly gentle mixing of sensitive feed components.The RIELA horizontal mixer as single-shaft counter-rotating mixer brings a high mixing performance with the greatest possible mixing accuracy. The mixers have a corresponding mixing accuracy certificate. It is particularly suitable for the compound feed industry. The horizontal mixer is available in capacities of 1,000 and 2,200 liters.

The RIELA vertical mixer consists of a cylindrical housing and a centrally mounted screw conveyor. The auger conveys the mixture out of the center and throws it out. The vertical mixer produces homogeneous mixtures which can be dosed not only with dry substances but also with liquid components. Areas of application are the animal feed industry, the food industry, the plastics processing industry and the recycling industry.

The vertical mixer in combination with a flour mill and pre- and post-container is a special use as a compact compound feed system.