RIELA® Dryer isolated

By using a RIELA through or circulation dryer, an optimal cost-performance result is achieved. In our insulated tunnel dryers, the drying column is completely covered with an insulating panel. This results in higher thermal insulation, a significant reduction in operating noise and comprehensive weather protection.
As an option, the RIELA tunnel dryers can be equipped with surface burners so that the individual drying zones are supplied with optimal and product-specific hot air temperatures. This is extremely important in terms of using energy sparingly and protecting the dry goods.
Advantages of the RIELA continuous dryer isolated:

  • verifiable statics
  • with conical cascades for even drying
  • Drying column made of special aluminum (AlMg)
  • Frame and load-bearing parts galvanized
  • Warm air heaters optionally with natural gas, propane gas, oil burners or biomass
  • higher thermal insulation
  • reduced operating noise
  • comprehensive weather protection

A wide range of accessories such as conveyor technology, buffer cells, control, measurement and regulation technology is optionally available.