Education and training

Education and training

As education and training are not only entrepreneurial but also political, Karl-Heinz Knoop was delighted to welcome Federal Education and Research Minister Anja Karlizcek to this event.
On further contribution of the participating companies and institutions, it become visible how important the local content aspects was. In Dr. Reinhold Hemker’s accompaniment, some Africa exparts at the event literated the requirement of knowing the needs of the people as well as their different situations on the ground.

A lively discussion between the ambassadors, organizers, companies and the ministers followed but unfortunately not all topics could be touched during the event other that the establishment of model farms in Africa that would be used in demestration and educational training. However, the Minister due to other pressing appointments of the day left the event while pleaguing to work and find ways of supporting the issues raised and proposed further rounds of talks. Dr. Reinhold Hemker was later available to those present for urgent questions.


Education and training   Education and training   Education and training


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